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Today they boarded Holland America Lines ms Rotterdam for their 37-day Voyage of the Vikings cruise across the North Atlantic and back.Along the way, they will have some great port calls in the Canadian Maritimes, Iceland, Greenland, and Northern Europe.Along the west coast of Portugal, most of the harbours and marinas are constructed in river estuaries offering varying protection from the almost continuous Atlantic swell.However, not all of the harbours can be entered in extreme conditions and careful attention is needed to the weather forecast when transiting this coast.Stings from a lion's mane or Portuguese man o'war can inflict severe stings and cause anaphylactic shock in some cases.The allergic reaction provoked by the venomous sting can be fatal.

While the beach has not been closed to swimmers, lifeguards say they are monitoring the situation carefully.We also have our European river cruise group aboard their Legendary Rhine cruise, and our Royal Caribbean group doing their Scandinavia and Russia cruise.Yes, it s been a busy time here at Travel With Alan! I have to say that the cruise ship was a fantastic way to see Havana.The view from the bluffs of Peddocks Island to the East is an impressive and unobstructed one: A view from Peddocks facing West, back toward the city of Boston over the post-winter landscape of dry, scrubby bushes and brown grass: Peddocks is one of the largest Islands of Boston Harbor and has a history dating back to pre-historic times, as remains of ancient human inhabitants thousands of years old have been discovered on the island.A nautical chart of Peddocks Island today and its location in the Southeastern part of Boston Harbor: While not isolated per se- the island is located in close proximity to the population centers of Quincy and Hull- Peddocks does feel .The topography of the shoreline becomes lower lying the further east one sails and there are more anchorages in shallow river estuaries along this coast as well as some of Portugal’s largest marina developments.