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He currently resides in a townhouse in the Gramercy Park with his family.
I sent him a message..that's where our love story began!

Scott speedman gwyneth paltrow dating

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Felicity ran from 1998 to 2002 and made Speedman, who was born in England and raised in Toronto, an actor to watch in Hollywood. He likes to go for what he calls "running hikes" by himself with a backpack and his i Pod.

He got the role by sending a videotape of himself from Toronto, where he lived at the time. "It's tough to work with your girlfriend and play boyfriend and girlfriend on TV and try to maintain a relationship outside. Speedman has an attitude that if Hollywood wants him, they'll have to come find him.

When you go into the database of a photo agency, the pictures come up slightly bigger than thumbnail size. I’m actually surprised and disappointed Michael K from Dlisted hasn’t offered his trademark hilarious take on these yet because he doesn’t usually turn a dribbly opportunity.

I also have bad eyes so often I either can’t make out who it is at first glance or I get it completely wrong. And Teresa Palmer is the one dating Scott Speedman.

Scott Speedman knows that a story on him will start with this: his love affair with Keri Russell, the beautiful star of the hit television show Felicity, on which he rose to fame as her boyfriend, Ben Covington. The Drake is the hotel du jour, still, for the hip, a place given to making a scene if there isn't one happening already. You get asked about being a heartthrob, and even if those questions come well into the conversation, the answers to them are plopped on the top of the story, like whipped cream.

"It was intense," the handsome 28-year-old actor drawls, draped on a sofa in the lounge of the Drake on Toronto's Queen West. They host performance art series on a regular basis. (By the way, his reported dalliance with Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he did the movie Duets in 2000, was "just a rumour," he says. Maybe you've noticed already how detached he is, how laconic.

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"We weren't living together, but we were working together every day," he offers. (In fact, he doesn't own one.) He recently bought a house in Silver Lake in Los Angeles, where he can be close to the mountains.

"Speedy," as he is known, is surfer-dude hot, in a T-shirt and jeans with bed-head hair. I think the show really reached its peak with that and the last episode of the first season," he says, referring to the cliffhanger in which Felicity (Keri Russell) had to choose between Ben and Noel (Scott Foley).

"After that, it's just kind of like, What do you He says he isn't much interested in doing the film parts that come his way, which he characterizes as what you would expect a young WB star to be offered.

He is best known for co-creating the comedy-drama television series Glee and the horror-drama anthology series American Horror Story.

He was also a writer and executive producer for the television series Nip/Tuck.