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Willing like-minded grannies seeking for no-commitment casual sex dates with men nearby.
Why do voters support politicians whose clear policy goals indicate that they are likely to support measures that will adversely impact the very people who voted for them? If you had to choose politician-of-the-month between Donald Trump and Bruce Rauner, which would you pick?

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We’d share horror stories, screenshot Tinder profiles or bad Whats App chats from boys we had met and, when things got bad, we would rally.

We’d console one another with takeaway and tequila. I squirm, pull a face and make some self-deprecating joke at his (and our) expense.

y move, where women hang around in slinky cocktail dresses waiting to either be claimed by a man or throw a martini in their face.

But we shouldn't forget the romance of randomly meeting someone who hasn't been vetted through swipes and pre-approved photographs, the excitement of looking at someone and not yet knowing if they are single or whether they like but feeling compelled enough to find out.

In four short years it has completed the journey from novelty app to the new dating norm - but I wonder, what are we losing from the old methods of 'matching' with people in the process?

Because if you think our mobile phone addictions have ruined mealtimes, think about what it is doing to the ancient ritual of the IRL chat-up.

Due to the success of Tinder, developers went a little berserk creating dating apps like the world had suddenly gone into single mode!

And most of these alternatives are pretty damn good.

Use it...because if you like Tinder, you'll love this just as much (if not more). This app is created exclusively for Indian residents. Use it...because it has a lot of add-on features and actually manages to make 'Find a date' fun! Hinge uses Facebook to connect you with your friends of friends.Ladies, it appears we have locked our legs closed–and in many cases our hearts as well–and in doing so shut our husbands off from the critical intimacy they need to feel connected to us.And it is this lack of intimacy and connection that is causing husbands to flee into the arms–and legs– of other women, whether in real or Second Life.I started to ask other men in my life about going up to talk to women they didn't know.The internet has altered and upgraded the world, in terms of connecting and networking.Not only had I committed to this me, this single teary, jubilant, adventurous me, I had committed to these girls. Which is why, now that I’m in a relationship, I find myself constantly apologising for it. I make sarcastic remarks about how nice our dates are.