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It is the SSD, which will give you a performance gain, but you may benefit from some drivers of my "Latest n Force Driverpack" as well.

Anyway I do not recommend to install the included n Force SATA driver, because this way you will lose the TRIM support of your SSD. Download the "Latest 64bit n Force Driverpack for Win7-10" and unzip it onto an empty USB Flash Drive.2.

Under our system clocks page we have the CPU multiplier adjustment, along with a few other items that most will not adjust.

The 650i Ultra board allows you to choose to run your memory either linked or unlinked, just like the full 680i board does.

XFX, a major player in graphics solutions and an NVIDIA partner released their versions of the entire NVIDIA produced 600 series of motherboards approximately 2 months ago.Was this an incredibly smart business decision on the part of XFX bypassing the proverbial which followed after the 680i SLI’s initial release?Did they wait on the board’s BIOS to be refined to a point where their customers would be extremely happy? Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer to any of those questions.The appearance of the packaging of the XFX 650i Ultra is very similiar to that of the 680i LT board from XFX, as you can see. The USB and firewire headers are not in the 650i Ultra package, and of course, the SLi bridge is missing as well.You also do not get the fancy envelop to hold all the documentation with this board, but the documentation and CD are still in there. It has a few of the features removed, but overall, navigation is the same, and you will have no problem finding what you need inside. I just found this thread and im curious but a bit unsure!